John A Ryan
   Catholic Priest    
Professor of Mathematics.

I am an Irish Catholic priest working in the
Diocese of Mzuzu since 1978.

Mzuzu Diocese comprises the
northern districts
of Rumphi, Mzimba, Nkhata Bay
and part of the
central region district of Kasungu.  The diocese
covers a vast area through 1
1 parishes. It
promotes education in nearly 250 different school
institutions, amny of which are spread throughout
isolated rural areas.
The Bishop of Mzuzu
Diocese is the Rt. Rev. Joseph Mukasa Zuza.

Check out Irish Aid contribution to Education by
downloading the video:  
Education Video Mzuzu

I belong to the Missionary Society of St Patrick's
, also known as Kiltegan Fathers.

Presently I am working as
1) A Professor in the Department of Mathematics
of Mzuzu University
2)  Chaplain to the Catholic Community of Mzuzu
3)  A co-helper in St Augustine's Parish,
Luwinga, Mzuzu 2.

4)   Chair of Trustees of Ungweru NGO

I have two main areas of interest.  The first is to
promote a 'SENSE OF THE SPIRITUAL' in a
world which is becoming more and more
secular.  The second is the study of Coding
Theory and research in the specific area of
Goppa codes.

My first area of interest is somewhat satisfied in
my work as a priest in Mzuzu University and in
St Augustine's Parish and in the larger context of
Mzuzu Diocese.  My second area is satisfied by
presenting papers at international conferences in
Coding Theory, by publishing in some reputable
journals and by introducing a two year
postgraduate program in Coding Theory at Mzuzu
 During 2013 we introduced the first
PhD Programme in Mathematics in Malawi.
On Sundays I am privilidged to go out into very rural areas
and celebrate Mass with christians in isolated places. I
never tire of these Masses as there is so much energy and
enthusiasm put into them. The choirs are loud and lively.
The dancing is colourful and beautiful. The readings are
done professionally. One can never fail to be uplifted
spiritually in these lively liturgies. They are truely
community celebrations.
Returning from Sunday Mass at Emvuyeni with Mike, Angellina and
Naomi, June 2004.
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