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Welcome to Mzuzu!

Mzuzu is northern capital of Malawi and the third largest city (by population) in Malawi.  While Mzuzu exuberates the charms of Africa with its widely known market, the city is also equipped with luxurious lodges and modern commodities - offering the best of both worlds.  


Local Attractions in Mzuzu

You can truly experience Malawi by taking a stroll through town.  The town is small enough to be explored in a day and you should not miss the market, where you can purchase groceries, clothing, fabrics, artwork, and traditional Malawian crafts all in a single place.  You can also take a stroll through Mzuzu University to gain an understanding of the education system here. Many churches in the area also enjoy visitors if you would like to embrace your religion here. If you are spending some time in Mzuzu, you may wish to volunteer your time.  By spending some time at an NGO such as Ungweru, you would be able to understand the Malawian lifestyle better, as well as give back to the city.


Attractions near Mzuzu

While Mzuzu is a rustling and bustling city, its surrounding area is dominated by the agriculture industry.  This means that much of the natural beauty of Malawi is preserved. Visitors to the area should take a trip to the fishing city of Nhakata Bay, which is approximately 40km from Mzuzu.   Surrounding Nhakata Bay are plenty of beautiful beaches, where you can lay in the sun or take a dive into the beautiful Lake Malawi.  If you’re fond of nature,  you can take a drive to Nyika National Park or Vyasa Natural Reserves to see zebras, gazelles, hyenas, elephants, and hippos.  


For food, we suggest dining at A1 Restaurant (Indian Food and Pizza), Key Lounge (for a Western spin), Foodland (pizza), and Vicky’s Restaurant (chicken and chips).


For lodging, we have heard great things regarding: Ilala Crest Lodge, Ndagha Lodge, and Mzoozoozoo (for a budget stay).


Directions to Mzuzu:

Mzuzu is approximately 350km north of Lilongwe through M1.  You may arrive through a taxi, coach bus (National Bus Company, AXA Bus Company recommended), or a minivan (not the safest option) for travellers.