Lusekelo School of Computing

The provision of an Information Center is also a major part of Ungweru`s goal in order to promote education.   Aside from the newspaper reading room and library, Lusekelo School of Computing completes the Information Center at Ungweru.  Within the school, basic computer skills such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher) and Internet usage is imparted on the clients.  With its low cost, it encourages the community to gain life skills that can build the capacity of its community members.   If you are interested in learning computer skills, feel free to come into our office.  The pricing can be found here.

Inside Lusekelo School of Computing also exists an Internet Cafe, where community members can enjoy our fast Internet service.   We also have the equipment for printer and a scanner, which allows the community to conveniently print and scan.

The funds generated from Lusekelo’s activities provide Ungweru with additional financial support for its programs. With such an income generating activity, it helps Ungweru to become self-sustainable, and rely less on donors.  While we do appreciate our donations, we understand the importance of being sustainable as an organization.